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OSL Level 1 Completed!
posted by: Jim B on 10/20/2016

Ok brutal honesty here, I was reluctant to even sign up, reluctant to start, never expected to finish each week, BUT, Once I prayed and took a step, I found I enjoyed it, finished each week, and completed the level! Praise God. Now for the downside, I found myself in a routine, coffee, prayer, assignment, bible study...week after week, now I am hooked and loving it! I got me a routine that honestly, time zips by. Finding that I awake wanting and needing to do my routine. Also this OSL course will ruin your television watching, radio listening for sure, even now after completion....Sure I figured once I was finished I would go back to my "Must have" tv shows...Well I can not! Anyone considering OSL, trust me, give it a chance and it will change your life and draw you so much closer to the lord and if you might also find new friends along the way! I want to thank God first and foremost! But I also need to thank our teachers and especially Tim and Tracy (Tracey?)for leading us and making it a very enjoyable experience! On to Level 2!
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posted by: on 10/30/2014

When I first started OSL level one my husband did not understand I was not going to watch TV all the time. So each time one of our shows came on that we watched together he would tell me. That was a nightly thing. But as each level came he had a little more understanding of it. By level 5 he never told me when any of those shows were on anymore. He only told me about Christian shows or movies on TBN that were coming on. So you see OSL will not only change your life & help you grow it will also affect those in your household as they see your discipline & dedication to GOD & HIS word daily. To this day he always lets me know when there is something special on TBN that he knows I might like to watch. GOD is working in him everyday too.
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posted by: Patty on 9/19/2013

OSL # 1 was the hardest thing I ever done. I wanted to quit every week. Something inside me wouldn't let me. I am so glad that I didn't quit. I'm almost done with OSL #4. It has thelp me grow so much. Help me learn and understand why God never gave up on me. I would recommend so highly everyone take it. I loved OSL #2 best. I almost didn't take another class after doing the first one. The very first CD the blood covenant in OSL #2 help me to understand why God didn't give on me. My second favorite class is OSL #4 on the Holy Spirit. Also an awesome class. I'm so looking forward to the last class OSL #5. I feel these classes have been just the beginning what I'm going to keep learning. Because of of OSL it's just the beginning of learning about God, Jesus and my Holy Spirit.
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posted by: Patty on 8/25/2013

When I took OSL #1 it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I had no study habits. There was a lot of things I had accomplished in my life like being a pilot. But I was so new to church and had so little understanding of the Bible. It was like they were talking over my head. I wanted to quit every week because I couldn't understand. Something in me won't let me be a quitter. When I got married at 16 my mother said I'd never finish high school. I couldn't be told I told you so, so I finished. When I raced motorcycles my father always said if you fall get up fast. So more than anything I wanted to quit the first class but something inside of me says you can't quit. Well I finished OSL 1 hardest thing I've ever done and said I would never do another class. I want you all to know I'd only been in church a few months. Well the night before OSL 2 started I changed my mind and took OSL 2. Why I changed my mind the last minute. The first CD I heard I new the reason God never gave on my after being out of church 36 years and cried. If I hadn't finished OSL 1 I could have made it to OSL 2 that's when I started to learn what God has always had for me and He was just waiting for me all those years. He never gave up on me like I thought. Every since I've been growing and learning more about God every day. I'm now in OSL #4. I'm so glad I never gave up in OSL. And it did get so much easier starting in the 2nd class. So if your in OSL 1 don't ever give up. If you haven't taking it please do it will change your life overwhelming for the good. Just remember that if it seems like it's too much it's never too much you can make it, don't be a quitter. God never quite on us and you will learn why. OSL #2 is the I think so far but I'm not done yet. I'm going to go all the way I'm going to finish #5 in January when it comes up again. As of August this year 2013 I've only been back in church 2 years. We're not here to just sit In a church pew. We are here to learn and pass the love on God has given us. If you just a little like me the more you learn the more you want to give back to God.
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