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Praise report
posted by: Barbara Peebles on 7/13/2017

I had not heard anything from VA regarding the closing date on my refinance loan and was getting nervous and even angry. I began praying about this in my prayer language and asked God to let me know this closing date today and guess what (our God is so so awesome) while I was still in prayer the phone rang and it was a representative telling me when my closing date would be. I was so overjoyed that my prayer was answered while I was praying that I shared my joy with this young lady who goes by "G" and she told me her real name of Godina. I just want to shout this to the world that God is AWESOME!!!
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Healing & Salvation for Friends
posted by: Barbara Peebles on 4/24/2017

Sunday our friends joined us at Spirit Life Church and they really liked it. We had extended the invitation to attend to their 15 year old son, Oskar, who they told me that Oskar says he is an atheist and does not believe because of something some church leader told him when he was 8 years old. His question had been: If God is everywhere for everybody then why can't I see him? Apparently Oskar was given an answer that led him away from Christ instead of leading him to Christ. John and I have been including Oskar in our daily prayers that God will move in his life so he can see, feel and know that God is real and will give his life to God. We would appreciate your prayers along with ours. Thanks
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prayer of comfort and peace
posted by: Barbara Peebles on 12/27/2016

Just a few days ago I requested prayer for salvation of my brother, John. That prayer was answered and I am so thankful. John passed away early this morning and even tho I am sad, I am grateful John accepted Jesus before he died and now is completely healed and in the loving arms of Jesus.
I will pray 29 people are praying.
IRS bill
posted by: JE & SE on 7/2/2016

About 3 weeks ago my wife and I both asked our Father for $500 believing in faith that we would get it. We owed $885 in income taxes from last year and needed to pay this before interest and penalties were to kick in. After we prayed, every day we thank Him for the money by May 23rd. During this time He had me switch insurance companies for auto and home. With just that our auto insurance was cut in half and the home insurance was cut by one third. That alone saved us $145 a month on our budget. Now the good part. We received an unexpected check from my work for $445, had a garage sale that made $300, received two checks from the insurance company, $550 from the home insurance and $59 from the auto insurance. We received enough money to pay off the income tax debit in full ($885) and pay back the homeowners insurance to lower our house payment. God is so good to those who are His. Praise the Lord!
Amen! 31 people are praising.
Praise Report
posted by: Kathy on 5/25/2016

Pastor Barb prayed for me on Tues morning and I woke up today healed and whole from muscle spasms in my left side I have this ongoing from a injury in Jan Praise God for healing !!!
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healing of my body
posted by: Barbara Peebles on 3/20/2016

Pastor prayed over me Sunday morning. I was very weak so he came to me. Oh how joyous this day has been. I could not wait to get to church this morning because I wanted, needed and was given healing of my body today. Jesus is so powerful and wonderful that I just can't praise him enough. Thank you Jesus so much.
Amen! 47 people are praising.
Praise Report
posted by: Julianna Baladez on 7/29/2015

I have been struggling in so many areas of my life for a couple of years now that I often forget to remember all the great things that happen during those struggles. I needed a tire for my car really bad. I had been driving on the spare for more than a month and definately more that the recommended 50 mile limit. I was offered a new tire by two different people on the same day. I actually had to choose someone. The tire was on the next day! Also, I have been sleeping better than I have in a very long time. I feel better than I have in a really long time. The struggles remain but my spirit is renewed daily. Finally, My daughter was given an opportunity to attend this years kids camp. It was a very generous invitation that I wouldn't dream of letting slip by her. She has never felt more welcomed and loved by another other group of children in her life so far. She has Autism and her social skills will always concern me. But I have no reason to be concerned about her group of peers or her leaders at Spirit Life. Thank you for including my daughter and making sure she had the very best experience at camp she could have ever had. She said "My life will never be the same" as soon as she saw me when she got home. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Amen! 50 people are praising.
our new house
posted by: on 3/27/2015

we have prayed for a new home with a mother in law suite and last week God dropped the house in our laps we will be moving in the next month The Lord is so good and we are so happy
Amen! 50 people are praising.
My new granddaughter
posted by: Ron Robinson on 11/13/2014

Sarah Michelle Kish was born in Hammond, IN on 11/13/2014 at 10:10PM CDT. She was 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 18.5 inches long. Mother and daughter are doing great and YES!!! I am a happy Papa.
Amen! 55 people are praising.
praise report
posted by: carolyn zingelewicz on 8/13/2014

For several years we had been fighting financial crisis, but still holding on to God's promises, tithing and giving offerings. May 2013 we were in foreclosure, and about $165,000 in debt. This last week, August 2014, we have zero debt, a house, and money in the bank. We are so very thankful that God always keeps His promises. They are yes and amen!
Amen! 34 people are praising.
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