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posted by: on 8/21/2013

I received healing after the Pastors prayed for me. I had a sore tailbone for 8 months. Thank you Jesus
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posted by: Eric hunter on 10/10/2012

well to start off i could not move my left shoulder more than half way but now i can move it all the way up over my head.second is i had a bad cramp in my right foot and after tonight im healed with no more pain i can walk and I've had that problem for like 5 years now its all gone thank you Jesus
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posted by: on 10/8/2012

God is confirming His Word with Miracles sings and wonders at Spirit Life church. We are only 1 ½ days into our 6 day long campmeetings and it has been extraordinary. There are many things to proclaim but I will testify of my own personal experience of healing for a lump in my left breast. It is gone along with all the pain that went with it. Jesus is the one true living God full of love and healing for all who will partake.
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